How do you sell your work?

My work is sold on, so it's a good thing you are in the right place.  I sell my work through Shop Updates which I announce through my newsletter and Instagram.   You will be able to shop / add to cart directly from my homepage.  


What does the Domie Collection consist of?

Each collection will consist of the following unless otherwise noted.

6 qty solid color Domie mugs

6 qty stylized Domie mugs

2 qty Domie tumblers

4 qty Domie planters that hold 4 inch grow pots

4 qty Domie planters that hold 6 in grow pots


When are your drop dates?

There will be 6 Domie Series drops in 2024.   Please check back for future drop dates.

Drop Date 1:  February 9th, 2024 - Chocolate & Love Collection.  Learn more about this collection here.

Drop Date 2 : April 26th, 2024 - Mother of Love Collection.  Learn more about this collection here.


Will I be able to preview the collection?

Yes!  I often show off pieces on my Instagram stories.  But the full collection is on my site a few days prior to my shop update.  The pieces will say "Coming Soon."  When the shop update is live, they will have the "Add to Cart" button available.  


Do you sell other items besides The Domies?

Oh yeah, I do!  I have The EnChanting Collection, which is a series of mugs, plates, platters and Angel Faces.  These will be available on different drop dates throughout the year.  You can typically expect them a few weeks after a domie drops.  Please check back here for further details.

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